Survivors of the Shitstorm, Welcome.

Methocarbamol high Do you sometimes have the odd feeling that everyone else seems to be way more sorted than you? Do they seem smugly happier? Are you in the massive Gulf Stream of life’s dung, weeping onto your kids’ packed lunches before bed as you wonder what the blinking heck went so wrong? Well, you’re in good company. This blog is for all my fellow stumblers along; those for whom life’s plans and dreams at 20 are so, so far from the current reality at 43.

here Alice Wilde

I’m Alice Wilde, the 5th of 15 children (not joking) the mother of 2, the ex-wife of a good man cruelly battered by the horror of a huge stroke aged 38;  the ex partner of a good man who didn’t want to share his house anymore, the soon-to-be-not almost-stepmother of 4 lovely teenageish girls, a teacher, a secret writer, a basically nice person who has somehow had a blindingly crap few years (and counting.) I’ve just moved out of the 2 bedroom house I shared with 6 other people and into a rented home I can’t afford with just my two. If you too find yourself in a place you never thought you’d be, follow me and we can have a touch of solidarity upon the way. A laugh, a piss take, a couple of sniffles but the knowledge that we’re not the only ones. It’s half chance after all my darlings.


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