Half Term

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Just ‘Mum’, stopped being ‘Miss’

Going away?

No.  Me neither.

Just having a breather

A chance to clean

Living the dream!

Not going far

Must fix the car

MUST wash the sheets

Plan a few treats

Better get to the bank

Get some fuel in the tank

Has it been payday?

Account screaming ‘MAYDAY’

Need 24hr cash bridge

Kids cleaned out the damn fridge

Dentist sent reminder

Day out, what a blinder!

Kids, I know how to treat you,

Check ups and school shoes

School facebook group nightmare,

You seen what’s gone up there?

Monday’s an INSET!

Childminder’s not back from Spain yet

Oh Lord, what a juggle

Feeling that struggle

Deep breath

You can do this

You always come through this

You’ve kept them alive

You always survive

The battles today

Will pass

Too fast

They’ll move on

Be gone

Half term will be easy

Decadent. Sad.

Now? Exhausting

But glad

There’s joy in these aches.


But thank **** for the breaks.





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