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This is CRAZY! When did this become the norm? Why are we now completing the kids’ collection albums for them?!!

There are posts all over social media about who needs which Lego card, who can swap which card for which, how far people will drive to collect the remaining cards they need and e bay has completed Lego Albums with starting prices of £100.

Seriously?! Do you know what this means?

  • We are removing all the challenge for the kids.  This is the whole point of a collection.  If you are given the whole thing, done by your mum, it’s utterly worthless. What then? when it’s finished? how fun is that going to be?
  • Our child becomes a passive recipient, not an active participant. They sit back and we do it.  This is what they will come to expect.  They DO NOT actually like this; you know how it feels good when you get to the top of a hill? That’s mostly because you’re proud of the effort you put in to get there.
  • We are taking on all the social interaction and removing it from them. The trading, swapping, hoping, waiting – all gone.  They won’t have to wait for anything.  Our kids are not faring well from this treatment.  Remember Charlie Bucket who used his precious coin to buy the chocolate bar containing the golden ticket? and then Veruca Salt, whose father bought up every bar in a desperate attempt to get her the ticket she demanded? Remember how they were portrayed? their ensuing fates?  I think Dahl was sending us a message there.
  • We are not allowing them to ‘fail’ on any level. They MUST have the completed album, whatever it takes us to get it.  But why? What’s wrong with the gaps you are waiting to fill –  the expectation and the hope that the playground trade will get you the missing number 32? When it’s done it’s only going to sit in a cupboard. The fun is only while it’s being done.
  • And then we will expect the kids to grow into teens who will be self-motivated and determined and have perseverance.  That is not going to happen unless we sow the seeds early on.

I take this all back if you’re collecting for yourself. Fair enough.




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